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Word Content / Explanation Remarks
4M Man, Machine, Material, Method  
APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning 사전제품품질계획
ASAP As Soon As Possible 가능한 빨리
B/M Benching marking 답습
BOM Bill of material 자재명세서
CFT Cross Functional Team 상호기능팀
CGI Compacted Graphite Iron 컴팩트 구상흑연 주철
CKD Completely knock down  부품/반제품
Control Plan Control Plans are written descriptions of the systems for controlling parts and process.   
Dimension Numeric value graphically illustrated on technical drawings by lines, symbols and notes.  
DPCS Daedong Production Control System 대동 공정관리 시스템
DWG Drawing  
ERP Enterprise resource planning 기업자원관리
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 잦은 질문
FMEA Failure Mode & Effect Analysis, AMDEC 고장형태별 영향분석
Foolproof 아주 간단한, 매우쉬운 과실방지 장치
FYR For your Reference 참고
ISIR Initial Sample Inspection Report 초도품 검사보고서
JIT Just In Time 즉각 생산
KD Knock Down 부품수출
KPI Key Performance Index 핵심성과지표
LOI Loss of Ignition 작열감량
MCV Main Control Valve (Mono Control Valve)  
MDT Multi Disciplinary Team 상호기능팀
MOU Memorandum of Understanding 양해각서
MRP Material requirement planning 자재소요량계획
NMI New Market Introduction 시장 개척
NPI New Product Introduction 기존고객 신규수주
OEM Original equipment manufacturing 주문자상표부착생산
OJT Office Job Training 직무 훈련
PM Project Manager  
PO Purchase Order 구매발주
PPAP Production Preparation Approval Process 양산부품승인절차서
Q cost Quality cost 품질 비용
QA Quality assurance 품질 보증
QC Quality Control 품질 관리
QCD Quality,cost,delivery 품질,가격,납기
QRQC Quick Response Quality Control 품질문제 즉각대응
Quantum Jump 비약적 발전  
Ramp Up The period from SOP to the achievement of full volume condition, Montée en cadence 증산
RBF Repair Before Failure 예방정비
RFQ Request for quotation 견적요청
R&D Research and Development 연구개발
R&R Role and Responsibilities 역할과 책임
SCM Supply Chain Management 공급망 관리
SOP Start of Production 생산개시
SWOT 분석 강점(Strength), 약점(Weakness), 기회(Opportunity), 위협(Threat) 전략도출 분석
TBD To Be Determined 미정
UPH Unit Per Hour 시간당 표준 생산량
VOC Voice of customer 고객의견
VPN Virtual private network 가상사설망(假想私設網)
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