Main Business

Development Result

1990~2010 Developed Cylinder Head for HYUNDAI Motors Company
2003 Developed Marine Engine Cylinder Head for HYUNDAI Heavy Industries
2011 Started a Business with VOLVO, Developed 21ton~30ton MCV(Main Control Valve)
2012~2014 Produced EURO6 Cylinder Head with CGI(Compacted Graphite Iron)
2015 Developed Diesel Engine Block for KIA Motors and set-up the mass production system
2018 Succeed to Develop D5S(Ni-Resist) Casting
Developed MCV of excavator for KAWASAKI and set-up the mass production system
2019 Developed Engine Block for Hyundai/Kia Motors and set-up the mass production system

Holding Technology

Cylinder head for vehicle engine & Developed Cylinder Block
FC, FCD, CGI Manufacturing Technique
* CGI (Compacted Graphite Iron) - SinterCast process application
* D5S (Ni-Resist, Anti-Corrosion Cast Iron)
Flow/Solidification/Stress interpretation technology
Casting method and mold design technology

Simulation Program

Magma software : Flow/Solidification/Stress Interpretation and analysis
Pro-E : 3D modeling and assembly
Autocad : 2D modeling (Casting method design)